Slip has joined Y Combinator! (YC S21)

Jul 20, 2021

We're officially announcing that Slip has joined the YC S21 Batch 🎉

I remember the day I had the idea for Slip. On January 10th I got one of the best feelings as a developer. One that I was chasing for years. Making my first money online. I launched an interactive vim course ( and made my first $8. It felt magical.

That day I ended up making $216 and it changed my life. Building and launching a programming course brought me more financial independence, credibility, and the confidence to tackle something larger.

Soon after launching, I started getting requests for other interactive courses. At first I thought I'd make tens of courses and quit my job. I realized a much better and bigger idea was letting other expert developers do this themselves. I launched in 3 days because I leveraged code from a previous programming project. It has since gone on to earn me almost $25k this year. On January 15th I had the idea for Slip while fielding these requests from devs on building new courses.

The idea

It should be 10x easier for developers to build and sell interactive programming courses. They should be able to monetize their knowledge passively. They should be able to get money from this asset they've built up over time.

Getting to work

I started building Slip and incorporated at the end of January. I started shipping, talking to users, and helping devs earn money. I've been having a blast ever since!

A few months later, I joined the inaugural Replit ventures batch, met some incredibly interesting folks, and I raised a small amount of angel investment and quit my day job. I decided to take a big swing at making Slip an impactful company.

Applying to YC and Getting in

I applied to YC in March. Here's my application video.

I had my interview and got the confirmation call that night. I couldn't sleep from the excitement. Instead, I paced around my backyard for a few hours dreaming about the future of Slip.

YC Remote

I'm a non-traditional software engineer. By the time I got into tech, I already had two kids and was firmly planted in Fort Worth, TX. I always thought YC was out of reach for me since I couldn't pick up and move to Mountain View for a Summer. It feels like a dream come true getting into YC when I thought it wouldn't ever be possible. YC being all remote this batch is the only way I'm able to attend!

What this means for Slip

We're swinging for the fences and dreaming big. We're going to build the absolute best tool for developers to monetize their knowledge. We're more focused than ever on our users, we have amazing advice, and a huge community of other awesome founders to learn from.

We're hiring!

If you want to build the future of developer to developer education email me at